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Stakeholder Engagement

JTA Australia has provided stakeholder engagement services for two decades. We work with clients who have been conducting stakeholder engagement since their project was first considered.

A major constant in the relationship management is that the client will be a key part of the stakeholder engagement throughout the project.

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Communication Services

JTA Australia provides specialist communication services for the general public, community and stakeholders

JTA communication services include strategy design and development, media liaison, campaigns and promotional management such as sponsorships and events for engagement projects, and print and electronic communication services.

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Community Consultation

JTA Australia has delivered some of Australia’s biggest community consultation projects across public and private sectors. Depending on their complexity and geographical spread, some community consultation exercises have proceeded for three years

JTA’s delivery process for community consultation enables opportunities for the community and stakeholders to provide input irrespective of location, language skills or physical abilities.

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Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution requirements are perennial and include land disputes, intractable neighbour disagreements, community divisions on the relative merits and demerits of project activity, and any situation where dispute resolution is required before the parties can move forward.

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Our Clients

Our clients include local, state and federal governments, and national and international corporations in many sectors, including oil and gas, mining and construction, energy, water, land management, environment, finance, health, education and transport to name a few.

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Our Projects

JTA Australia have provided consultantcy services to a wide range of Industries within in the Energy sector including Liquefied Natural Gas, Clean Fuel Technologies and Coal Seam Gas

JTA has also worked with Government sectors that deal with Water, Transport, Education and Health

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